How To Sell Your Land

How to Sell Your LandIf you own a piece of land that you’re thinking about selling, you need to know how to sell your land the proper way and at the proper time in order to maximize your ROI. Land is one of the most significant investments that you can make in your lifetime. So, if you are thinking about selling your land, you need to be absolutely sure about your decision.

Why Do I Want To Sell My Land?

This is important to think about because it is going to affect how you sell your land on the market. Is there something wrong with your land? Is it raw or vacant land that was never developed and now it is just sitting there serving no purpose?

These questions will be asked when you put the land up for sale so you need to be prepared with answers. If there is something wrong with your land, be honest with potential buyers or you may find yourself in a horrible legal mess later on.

How Do I Want To Sell My Land?

This may be the most important question that you’ll probably be asking yourself when you sell your land. There are many different avenues that you can take. The most obvious to most people is to get an agent. An agent will connect you with buyers that are looking for land.

Make sure that you get the right agent for the job. If you are selling undeveloped land, you need an agent that is experienced in raw or vacant land sales. Since developed land and raw land are so different, getting the right agent could be the difference between selling your land fast, or having it sit on the market for years.

You may also be thinking, “I want to sell my land myself”. Many people actually choose to go this route instead, especially if the dollar value of the land that you own is on the lower end – say $20k or less – since it can save you a decent chunk of change by not having to pay a real estate agent a commission.

When you sell land by yourself, this is called a private sale. So, you will need to find a private buyer. It may help you to talk with local farmers if you are looking to sell raw land; farmers have all kinds of experience in purchasing land for their crops. If you are selling your land on your own without the aid of a real estate agent, this next section is for you.

How To Sell Your Land Without An Agent

If you have chosen to sell your land privately, then you need to know that there are several ways that you can advertise your property. The absolute easiest way is to put out a ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign. This might give you better results than you expect. Many people searching for land simply get in their cars and drive around looking for a for sale sign. Make sure that you have some contact information on your sign.

Another great way to advertise your land is through local classified ads. Your local newspaper probably has a real estate section in their classified ads. Plus, if you live in a bigger area or a large farming community, your local paper may even have a section that is completely devoted to real estate listings.

And last but not least, you can advertise it for sale online. Three sites that I recommend, especially if you need to sell your land fast, are, eBay, and The internet should be your medium of choice for those of you who are selling land that is located in very secluded and isolated areas of the country, far removed from civilization, since there won’t be any people nearby to see your “for sale” sign.

I hope you’ve gleaned some useful information from this article. The next step is to learn even more. Start visiting websites that will teach you about real estate and educate yourself. In fact, you can start right here on this site. Now that you know how to sell your land, you need to know how to sell your land for the most money.

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